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Cutting specialized machine products were found in the search.|Bunri is a specialized manufacturer of equipment that separates and discharges sludge and chips from grinding and cutting

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Magnetic filter

Magnetic filter MF

Line filter that uses a magnet as a filter medium to capture cutting chips and grinding sludge of magnetic materials.
The filter medium is a magnet, so there are no consumables and parts replacement is not required.

Coolant Water soluble Oil-based
Category Magnetic material
Processing details Grinding Cutting
Work material FC/FCD Steel Carbide
Chip shape Sandy Cottony Granular Needle-shaped
Grinding chip size Ultrafine particles (5 μm to 10 μm) Fine particles (10 μm to 100 μm) Coarse particles (0.1 mm to 0.5 mm)
Machine tool Grinding machine Tool grinding machine Saving machine Honing machine Super finishing machine (Super finisher) Thread rolling machine Machining center NC lathes Automation machine Gear cutting machine Gun drill machine Induction hardening machine Cutting specialized machine Washing machine

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