Corporate philosophy

Corporate philosophy|Bunri is a specialized manufacturer of equipment that separates and discharges sludge and chips from grinding and cutting fluid (coolant).

Corporate philosophy


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The monument “Nozomi” (Hope) is placed in Bunri Miyakonojo Factory. This is the type of circle that is on the verge of connecting. The shape is meant for the continuation to strive for the shape of a perfect circle. Adapted to times, we hope to continue pursuing what is the ideal situation in the working environment.

Bunri will continue to contribute to the industry by aiming for the connection (i.e. filling) of the circle and responding to customer needs.


Since the founding of the company in 1960, we have developed and manufactured chip treatment and filtration equipment to the production site that needs it. Although our equipment is behind machine tool with less showiness, we pride ourselves on delivering the equipment that fully utilize the full performance of machine tool machines.
As with all instruments, Machine Tools have progressed dramatically in recent decades and the surrounding devices has also progressed accordingly.
Technological innovation will continue in the future. We are also committed to pursue accordingly to bring out the products suitable to time.
Also, the business was able to strive even until now largely due to the mutual understanding of business foundation by users, manufacturers, distributors, and many blessings from dedicated company employees.
In order to cherish this relation between the seller, the buyer, and the public, we will continue to do honest manufacturing as a member of Japan’s manufacturing industry.