Magnetic roller conveyor

Magnetic roller conveyor|Bunri is a specialized manufacturer of equipment that separates and discharges sludge and chips from grinding and cutting

Powerful magnetic roller conveyor RCC
Magnetic roller conveyor RC

Roller conveyor to perform filtration and chip transport using the magnetic drum.
A wide range of processing is possible; from long chips of about 100 mm to fine chips.


  • Also suitable for work materials and hard chips.The structure is less likely to cause problems due to biting.
  • This product does not use any consumables such as cartridges or paper filters, so no industrial waste is generated.
Coolant Water soluble Oil-based
Category Magnetic material
Processing details Cutting
Work material FC/FCD Steel
Chip shape Sandy Cottony Granular Needle-shaped Small curl-shaped (50 mm or less) Small curl-shaped (51 mm to 100 mm)
Grinding chip size
Machine tool Machining center Broaching machine Automation machine Gear cutting machine Gun drill machine Cutting specialized machine

Product introduction video

Features of 2 Type


  • A single machine can process various chips such as tangled small curl-shaped (max. 100 mm), needle-shaped, sand-shaped, and cotton-shaped chips.


  • This product can be used as a workpiece or scrap conveyor.


  1. The dirty liquid flows onto the conveyor.
  2. The dirty liquid is filtered when it passes through the gap between the magnetic drums, and flows from the slit of the bottom plate to the clean tank.
  3. The captured chips fall onto the next magnetic drum as a result of the rotation of the magnetic drum. By repeating this process, chips are moved to the top of the conveyor and discharged.


Dimensional drawing

Dimension table

Filtration accuracy

  • RCC 50μm 90% or more
  • RC 80μm 90% or more

* The filtration accuracy is based on the results of our experiments, and does not imply that this level of accuracy is guaranteed.

Sludge distribution status


Machine tool: Gun drill machine
Coolant: Water soluble
Processing flow rate: 250 L/min
Chip material: FCD

Processing flow rate

Water soluble

  • RCC205(RCC20FHMA-0.72) 150L/min
  • RCC305(RCC30FHMA-0.72) 250L/min
  • RCC405(RCC40FHMA-0.72) 350L/min

Product weight

  • RCC205(RCC20FHMA-0.72) 40㎏
  • RCC305(RCC30FHMA-0.72) 60㎏
  • RCC405(RCC40FHMA-0.72) 80㎏

* The product weight varies depending on the specifications, options, etc.

Paint color

Medium metallic (Approximate color: Munsell No. N-6.7)

* For information about the specified color, please consult us.

Drive motor


Model code

Product Photo (Example)

RCC (L type)

RCC (M type)

With chip trolley

Chip discharge image

RCC (L type)

RCC (M type)

* Photos are product images for illustration purposes only. Specifications differ from the actual product.

* The filtration accuracy is based on the results of our experiments, and does not imply that this level of accuracy is guaranteed.

* The specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

* For the oil-based specifications, please consult us.

* For information about custom products other than standard products, please consult us.


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