Magnetic filter

Magnetic filter|Bunri is a specialized manufacturer of equipment that separates and discharges sludge and chips from grinding and cutting

Magnetic filter MF

Line filter that uses a magnet as a filter medium to capture cutting chips and grinding sludge of magnetic materials.
The filter medium is a magnet, so there are no consumables and parts replacement is not required.


  • This product filters the coolant by creating a strong magnetic field inside the housing.
  • Chips and sludge can be captured using a one touch operation.
  • The filter medium is a magnet, so no replacement is required.
  • This product can be installed on the existing flow line and does not require additional power. Therefore, it does not take time to install and operate.
  • This product does not use any consumables such as cartridges or paper filters, so no industrial waste is generated.
  • This product can be used both as a line filter and as a suction filter.
Coolant Water soluble Oil-based
Category Magnetic material
Processing details Grinding Cutting
Work material FC/FCD Steel Carbide
Chip shape Sandy Cottony Granular Needle-shaped
Grinding chip size Ultrafine particles (5 μm to 10 μm) Fine particles (10 μm to 100 μm) Coarse particles (0.1 mm to 0.5 mm)
Machine tool Grinding machine Tool grinding machine Saving machine Honing machine Super finishing machine (Super finisher) Thread rolling machine Machining center NC lathes Automation machine Gear cutting machine Gun drill machine Induction hardening machine Cutting specialized machine Washing machine


  1. The dirty liquid pumped by the coolant pump is filtered when passing through the magnet, and the clean liquid is sent from the top of the main body to the outside of the main body.Chips and sludge are captured by the magnet part.
  2. Chips and sludge are able to be recovered at any time.Remove the clamp and packing, lift the handle, and remove the main body from the case.Sludge falls from the main body when the lever is pulled.


Dimensional drawing

Processing flow rate

Water soluble

  • 200 L/min

Product weight


Paint color

Silver gray (Munsell No. N-8.0)

* For information about the specified color, please consult us.

Chip (sludge) recovery image

* Photos are product images for illustration purposes only. Specifications differ from the actual product.

* The specifications and dimensions are subject to change without notice.
* For the oil-based specifications, please consult us.
* For information about custom products other than standard products, please consult us.


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