Product information

Bunri Product Line Up

Bunri has line up of super precision coolant equipment for magnetic and non-magnetic materials. They are based on the quality highly evaluated by the industry over the years with the originality and unique idea. To further satisfy our customers, we never compromise when manufacturing the products.


    PCT internationally patented

    [Filtration accuracy:1-10μm (magnetic material)]
    The steel balls of the filter medium are magnetized by the strong magnet, And coolant is filtered when it passes between the magnetized steel balls.
    The steel balls are demagnetized by timer setting and then cleaned, so the filter medium completely recovered every time.


    PCT internationally patented

    [Filtration accuracy:5-15μm (magnetic material)]
    It is the true “king” of separators because it has achieved the sludge removal rate of 97%(10μm) by completely bringing out the performance of the super strong magnet.
    The filtration accuracy is drastically improved and workpiece defect by grinding machine is drastically reduced. Moreover, the frequencies of tank cleaning and coolant replacement are also drastically reduced, realizing comfortable work environment.

  • M series

    PCT internationally patented

    [Filtration accuracy:10-20μm (magnetic material)]
    Most chips discharged from a cutting machine are settled and removed by the conveyor. Then minute sludge is filtered by the very strong magnet drum.
    This eliminates the need for the secondary processing machine and the pump and clean tank for it, realizing reduction of installation space, power consumption and heat generation.


    PCT internationally patented

    [Filtration accuracy:1-10μm]
    Dirty coolant discharged from a polishing/grinding machine is rotated and sludge is collected by a centripetal force. Then the coolant is entirely filtered by the foamless type unit "APOLLO".
    ·Available for both magnetic and non-magnetic material sludge
    ·Filter is not required (cartridge, paper, etc.)
    ·Automatic water supply; coolant replacement is not required
    ·The oil cooler controls coolant temperature.


    PCT internationally patented

    [Filtration accuracy:1-10μm]
    When air is mixed in coolant, foam is normally generated. However, APOLLO(AP) does not generate it because coolant and air are not mixed in the air-liquid separation tube.

  • CORE

    PCT internationally patented

    [Filtration accuracy:10-20μm]
    Coolant is primally filtered by the rolling filter of the primary conveyor and secondarily filtered by the etching filter of the secondary conveyor.
    One motor drives the primary and secondary conveyors to discharge sludge on each conveyor.
    ·The double conveyors eliminate the need for cleaning tank.
    ·It is also adaptable to intermediate pressure coolant without tertiary filter.